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we invite you for a one-day trip to Luxor, a private trip - Luxor City, which is often called the world's largest open-air museum

departure 6.30 from Hurghada by air-conditioned mini bus

the first visit will be the temple in Dendere - one of the most preserved temple in Egypt -

stopped at Abd el Rahim Kenavy's mosque

Karnak - the magical place that suits your size - has countless old statues and tombs on the west bank of the Nile, which are directly under the hot Egyptian sun

Lunch at the Nile Restaurant

Memnon Colossus - Amenthotepa III, depicting the Pharaoh sitting on the throne.

the charm of Queen Hatsepsut

the valley of the king or the valley of the queens - in which the tombs of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties are carved into the rock. Stunning unusual arrangement of corridor labyrinths and tombs of pharaohs.

Mr. Hawarda Kartera - the discovery house from 1922, all found in the original state as 100 years ago

ending our journey after Luxor is a ride through the Nile, we can explore the banana farm, taste fresh fruit

departure in the evening



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