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Private trip to one of the largest cities in the world, including Cairo

We have prepared a private trip for you to get to know Kahira's history and composure

Because you can choose a one-day trip here is not possible to see everything, we have an offer for you in several packages and you can choose to visit Kahira as you like. It is an advantage for you, because when you come next we choose the second program so you can see the best of Kahira. The trip is chosen according to your choice and your tempo will be chosen, we want you to enjoy the trip as much as possible and it was for you the experience you will remember for a long time. We make the trip all inclusive - that means we will take care of you - arrange lunch, drinks - taste Egyptian specialties, sit in the oriental café over the calf of good calves

Program I.

- We leave by air-conditioned bus by night, arriving in the morning to Kahira

- taste Egyptian breakfast

- visit the pyramids in Giza - here sightseeing pyramid, Sphinx, sunbathing / surcharge entrance to the pyramid price 300l, carriage ride, camel /

- After the Pyramid tour we will go to the state of Kahira - Dowtown

- lunch including a drink

- Tour of old Cairo, mosque

- Nile by boat - Cairo tour of the water

- visit the Khalil Khalili Oriental Oriental Market - the opportunity to buy a souvenir

- sitting at a market in the Arabian café

- departure in the evening hours back to Hurghada

Program II.

departure at night from Hurghada, arrival in the morning

breakfast - real Egyptian breakfast with a cup of tea

Citadel Tour - A magnificent historical site where you can see the ancient walls, including 3 museums, mosques

visiting the Mohammed Ali Mosque / for an extra charge to visit the tomb of the Muhammad Ali /


tour of old Cairo, el Moaz street, Tahrir

Nile by boat, tour of the Kahira with water levels

garden city

sitting in Arabic café over a cup of good Arabic coffee

visiting the Oriental Market

departure in the evening

Program III.

departure by air-conditioned bus at night, arrival in the morning in Cairo

breakfast - tasting real Egyptian breakfast

Sakara Pyramid

Me Dum - Here you will see red sand and 4 pyramids


A walk through the Nile, garden city

sitting in a café

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