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السعر: 390 000 USD
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ID: 147
السعر:  390 000 USD
العنوان: Al Ahyaa, الاكوادور
الفئة: AR for sale
الحالة: نشط
الملكية اكتب: عائلة متعددة
وسائل الراحة: klimatizace, أثاث, القمر الصناعي, تجمد, تلفزيون, ثلاجة, صحن, غسالة, فرن
الملكية الوصف:

EGYPT, famous tourist resort HURGHADA El Ahyya, 8 km from the city centre and aprox. 20 minutes from th...e international airport

The Villa is placed in a closed private villa complex, direct at the sea side.
24 hours guided, private beach (2 800 m2), large swimming pool + pool for kids, large garden + playground for kids.
Area of 2 ground floor villa is 345 m2 and garden with tropical plants with 118 m2
Electricity, water from public sources + own concrete water reservoir, satelite.
View to the sea, 3 bedrooms + large kitchen, 4 bathrooms - 1 part of a private apartment with jacussi, balcony, large roof teracewith excellent view to the sea nd mountains. Luxury marble, new plastic shaped windows, luxury ceramics
Groundfloor - large representative sitting room connected with wooden kitchen, bathroom
Marble stairs to 1st floor - 1 apartmant with dressing room amd luxury bathroom- jacussi, balcony, 2 bedrooms + bathroom
Marble stairs to 2nd floor - bathroom, wasching room + large terrace. 24 hour security
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